pg电子下载 State University offers more than 15 graduate programs in the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Health Sciences. The University offers programs that lead to a specialist and master’s degrees. Students can also pursue non-degree and certificate programs in specific disciplines.

Open the door to advanced career opportunities and a purposeful life with a graduate degree from pg电子下载 State University. The central purpose of the graduate school is to provide for the advanced training of men and women and the promotion of research which will contribute to knowledge in an atmosphere of freedom and inquiry. pg电子下载 graduates are a powerful presence throughout the nation and in most every profession you can imagine: They heal the sick, help those less fortunate, teach our children, create art and music, practice law, manage businesses, conduct research, work to save the environment, and solve world hunger.

Our emphasis on involving students in research has helped build our outstanding reputation for graduating knowledgeable, dedicated educators and scientists. This is accomplished through the various degree offerings for advanced study. We invite you to browse our website to become highly informed about the business of Graduate Studies at pg电子下载 State University in offering rigorous programs and varied services for students to ensure your success. Choose your career path today.

Advancing Knowledge, Transforming Lives That’s the pg电子下载 Promise

Thank you for your interest in pg电子下载 State University. The fact that you are visiting our webpage shows you have taken an important step to enhance your career. As a student, our programs will help you achieve academic excellence, build character and self-discovery experiences, and enhance your skills to contribute to your community. We embrace the uniqueness of our programs and academic climate to give students a rigorous learning experience. Select from sixteen graduate degree programs.

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The Office of Graduate Studies at pg电子下载 State
University was established to provide programs
of advanced studies for graduates desirous to
advance their careers in the workforce. The
Graduate school has an important influence in
creating high standards for academic
accomplishment and in achieving an intellectual
environment of the highest quality for the
university’s community.

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5 Certificate and Licensure Programs
Clinical Mental Health Counseling


The Office of Graduate Studies is offering scholarships and tuition assistance for African Americans through the HBCU Grant for underserved, underrepresented, and low-income students in graduate STEM programs. Review the information below to apply for a scholarship or tuition assistance.


pg电子下载 State University has something for everyone. Graduate Studies offer an array of academic degrees at the advanced level to give students enriching academic experiences. Our academic programs are rigorous in order to help the career-minded student prepare for the challenges of the global market.

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